Marc Jacob's brings wooden sandals back to the spotlight!

A few minutes on the catwalk last September is all it look to bring wooden sandals back into the spotlight.   

As mentioned in a previous post, wooden sandals in Europe have remained popular every year since the late 50s.  Whereas here in North America we had a 20 year hiatus.  Why?  Are we more trendy, Maybe.   But, if so why is it that wooden sandals have been a mainstay on many shoe racks in Italy for over 50 years?   Isn't Italy one of the foremost leaders in fashion? Makes you wonder....

This said our customers feedback during the last few months has been amazing.  They love how the Berkemann Hamburg and Original Wooden sandals have replaceable straps.    

The other comment we are getting over and over again is how light the sandals are.   Getting over the mental image that wood isn't necessarily heavy can be tough, but one our customers are finding out every day.  

Happy Spring